Broad Air Conditioning, the worlds largest manufacturer of absorption chiller heaters, is a privately owned Chinese company established in 1988 and headquartered in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province. The company was the first in China to develop their own Direct Fired Absorption design and through dedication and quality has become the world's largest manufacturer of two stage absorption systems. Broad's primary product is a multi-fuel fired lithium bromide absorption chiller/heater. Single units are available from 4.3 tons to 6,600 tons.

Double effect or two stage indirect steam and hot wa
ter or waste heat driven units are also available. Broad employs almost 2,000 people and manufactures all products at its 3.3 million square foot facility in Changsha. The factory is ISO9001 certified by TUV of Germany, ISO 14001 of Swiss SGS, and has received UL listing to comply with safety requirements in the U.S. Broad currently has over 10,000 units in the field and sells over 500,000 refrigeration tons per year.

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Broad is pioneering a new breakthrough, combining newly developed, highly efficiency solar technology with Broads industry leading gas fired absorption chillers for a combined solution which promises to almost eliminate the need for fossil fuel in air conditioning systems. For a look into this new technology, click here.

For more detailed product specifications and configurations, click the title, "Green Central Air Conditioning", to download our complete brochure.

Qualified prospective customers of BROAD products will be welcomed to visit Broads headquarters and manufacturing facility, BROAD Town, Changsha, China. Distributed Energy Solutions will work with you to scope your requirements and propose the appropriate BROAD product.


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